Award-winning Oceanside company really lights up Belmont Park


Belmont Park is an historic beachfront amusement park located on the surf and sand of Mission Beach. The fun-filled, family-friendly park attracts millions of visitors each year, from literally all over the world.

Coastal Signage+Wayfinding lights up Belmont Park

Coastal Signage+Wayfinding recently manufactured and installed the park’s all-important on-site signage for this unique venue. The exciting project hinged the company’s ability to create socially conscious, environmentally friendly signage from salvaged material, utilizing low VOC paint and energy-efficient LED lighting that effectively mimics the look of neon.

The scope of the project was broad-reaching, challenging and complex, calling for the use of recycled and reusable materials with less chemicals, minimal carbon impact and providing extreme energy efficiency. The channel letters were constructed from salvaged material and fabricated by hand with limited use of tools in order to achieve a higher level of sustainability. The letters were primed with a non-toxic, encapsulating, all-purpose primer that resists rust and corrosion.

While the signs are vintage in design, LED technology provides a very dynamic light source and serves as a convincing but energy-efficient alternative to traditional neon lights. The bright lights generate very little heat and use less power than neon, delivering 100% of the excitement while saving up to 90% on electricity expenses.

Ironically, the lights could actually become “vintage” items, with an expected lifespan of up to 11 years, with virtually no short-term maintenance demands. The LEDs not only reduce the park’s carbon footprint, they’re eco-friendly, too. They’re 100% recyclable and contain none of the toxic materials typically found in fluorescents or halogen bulbs.

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For more about this brilliant project, and Coastal Signage+Wayfinding, the company behind it, check out, and get a good look at even more of the finished products in action at If you’re heading to the San Diego area, stop by our shop in Oceanside to say hello.

And maybe plan on a day at Belmont Park, too. We guarantee all those lights look even better in person!